Since like forever, GTX Gaming has been a loyal sponsor of Alien Arena.

They deserve a link here.

So, if you need a server, nevermind looking further.
This is the place to be:

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Last autumn, Alien Arena invaded Frag-o-Matic for the first time.
Hosting our own booth, with high-end equipment from MadCatz, HyperX, Eizo and Tunes.be, tournaments,
cool prizes and much, much more, this really was a fantastic event.
Not to forget those kind devils from 666-Gamers, setting all on fire!

13/02-15/02, Frag-o-Matic got invaded again!

A mercyless and furious fragfest took place, where teams battled for supremacy.
The prize, a HyperX Cloud Headset for each of the 4 members of the winning team.

An impression of the event:

And of course a great thanks to HyperX, the great people from Frag-o-Matic and the 666-Gamers.
All of you ROCK!