Alien Arena Tutorial

This is supposed to be an attempt to explain some about what you can do with your controls
and improve your game-experience and skill.

The default controls, to move around the maps, are WASD.

W: forward
A: strafe left
S: backward
D: strafe right

To jump, use SPACEBAR
To crouch, use C

Commands that have nothing to do with movement, but are pretty handy to know (qwerty keyboard layout):

To drop a vehicle, use X
To drop a weapon, use BACKSPACE
To speak ingame to all in that game, use T
To speak ingame, but to your teammates only, use Y (qwertz keyboard layout uses Z here)
To speak from the game in IRC, use U

Sometimes, you see people moving a lot faster than yourself.
It is easy to think this might be a cheat or hack, but you can actually do
it yourself too.

How to:

Strafe jump:
Keep W pressed down, while you combine A+SPACEBAR and then D+SPACEBAR.
Doing this continually, will make you move much faster.
Keeping S down (instead of W) and combining A+SPACEBAR, then D+SPACEBAR
will make you strafe jump backwards. Not always usefull, because you can’t see behind you…

Dodge jump:
Double tap one of your strafe keys (A, W, S or D), make a jump inbetween, using SPACEBAR and double
tap your strafe key again. This is called chaindodging.
Chaining these, makes you move even faster than strafe jumping, but it is very hard to master.
When you use A or D, you make a dodge sideways (A-left, D-right).
It actually is possible to dodge backwards too and chain them, but not being able to see back, it is kinda useless.

If you make a dodge jump, it is possible to continue with strafe jumping, and if you do that right, you will not loose the
initial speed you gained from the dodge.

!Note: the controls as described above, are default settings in the game.
If you prefer using different keys, you can configure this in ‘Game Options/Customize Controls’.


For all gunjumps: aim your weapon at the ground, jump, shoot and look up.
Remember to do this fast, or you will get damage from your own shot.
Weapons you can jump with:
-Flamethrower (use alt-fire for this gunjump)
-Vaporizer; note that you need to time this shot very well, because the gun has a ‘delay’ before it fires.

With the beamgun, you can actually climb walls.
Stand close to a wall, aim at the lowest part of the wall and fire with your alt-fire-button (default right mouse-button)
It is somewhat possible to ‘stear’ where your are going by using your strafekeys.

All weapons have alt-fire modes.
-Blaster: Fires straight plasma shots, aiming is easier.
-Smartgun: Puts trip-mines on the floor.
-Chaingun: Fires 10 rounds in each shot, very effective in close combat.
-Flamethrower: Blasts a long flame at your opponent, burning him/her faster.
-Rocketlauncher: Fires slow rockets; pick up green ammo and you can shoot homing-rockets.
-Disruptor: Shoots a broughter beam. Less damage on impact, but more effective on crowds.
-Beamgun: Shoots fast plasma shots; good for close combat and climbing.
-Vaporizer: Shoots a vaporizing-bomb; slow but effective in close combat and crowds.
-Minderaser: Shoots a little spider, that will hunt your opponent and kill him/her; good to leave in a room for surprise attacks.
-Probe: Probes, LOL.

So, now you know the basic keys to use to move and the weapons alt-fire functions.
You even learned how to jump and climb!

Often, the question: ‘but how do you guys do this so good?’ comes by.
The answer is pretty simple: play a lot.

And do not just play one mode. That might make you decent at just that mode, but never really good.
Try and play different type of games and most of all, do not give up too easy and fall back to the gametype that makes you
‘feel comfortable’.
You will get bored and that can’t be why you play…

Team Core Assault, is the best game type to master movement.
Capture The Flag is very good to improve the skills you learned from TCA.
Play Deathmatch! I do not think there is a better way to improve your skills than this.
Fast movements, strafing, dodging and aimingskills will get better.
You will learn to look around you (enemies are everywhere) and react faster.
It is a must to know the maps and where the weapons are at.
Extra bonus from this, is that you learn to move around smoother when playing other games, like TCA and CTF.
And your aiming in Instagib games (even Insta/rockets CTF) will improve drastically.

There is one ‘special’ kind of game: Rockets.
Some are extremely good at it.
How come they allways hit there targets?
Those rockets are so slow, yet it seems like each shot they fire becomes a hit?

Best answer: do not aim straight at your opponent; he will not be there anymore once the rocket is there.
In other words, try to figure out where he will be going, and aim there. Splash damage from walls and floors
will hurt him. Keep on moving yourself. Do not get to close to walls. Keep moving. Keep moving, keep moving
and practice. A lot!

Now, stop reading this and get your butt into the arena!!!

Have fun and good luck!

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