For us, going to events, started with DreamHack in the summer of 2012.
Nobody had ever tried to do anything similar before, let alone
going to an event of the magnitude of DreamHack.
The people behind this event, deserve a lot of credit, for
their patience, helpfulness and making it possible, for a free game,
without any income, to show their game at this mega-event (you guys rock!).
The same counts for Emil “Heaton” Christensen. Without him, it simply
would not have been possible! (you da man!)

Of course, once you get the taste for DreamHack, you get addicted.
Being Aliens, we still are simple Humans!
So we tried to get back there.
DreamHack Winter 2012 was the objective.

A little bigger, our own booth, HyperX joined in and Heat-Gaming helped
us out with the gaming hardware.

During DHW12, we met the great people from EIZO and MadCatz.
They liked what we were trying to do, and amazed we actually pulled it off.
A new partnership was born and together with our new friends, plus our “old”
friends, we worked towards DreamHack Summer 2013.
8 pc’s, a full-sized booth, pro-gaming gear and gaming monitors that make you drewl,
Alien Arena put up a show, not easy to be forgotten.

Then, just by chance, we came in contact with Intel.
Man, did that feel exiting!
They too, loved our ideas, the game and what we were trying to do.
And how we had been doing that, so far.
It resulted in a partnership, that would lead to the biggest thing we had ever done.
Imagine, a booth in 2 floors, a VIP-bar, the best pc’s available, Team Dignitas and more.
The tourney hosted qualifyiers for more than 70 rounds and the winners got a real
XMG gaming laptops for the best 2, were the best 4 all would get an Intel 530 SSD!
The numbers 3 and 4 still got that prize though!
And what can be more fun, than trying your gaming skills against the Gods of Gaming?
Team Dignitas played against over 200 mortal people.

First video available from DreamHack Winter 2014:

Impressions from #DHW14:

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