Alien Arena has been quite active on different events.
Some really big ones, of which DreamHack probably is the best known
one, and most certainly the biggest.


The first ever event we did, was DreamHack Summer 2012.
Together with Emil “Heaton” Christensen and his Heat-Gaming, we hosted
Alien Arena on 2 pc’s and had a booth of a few square feet.


The next event, was again DreamHack. This time, we teamed up with
HyperX and Heat-Gaming. By now, our booth had grown to 15m2, 4 pc’s
and a server we hosted locally. HyperX had supplied us with USB drives carrying the game installer
for both Windows and Linux and, the Alien Arena logo on it.


The 3rd event was possible with the help of EIZO, HyperX, MadCatz and Hewlett Packard.
The booth had grown into a full-sized booth of 20m2, hosting 8 pc’s, our own server,
webcams, the works.
We even organized our first prize tourney, where people could win MadCatz mice, headsets
and mousepads. HyperX supplied hardware, like USB drives and RAM memory.
It was incredible, how many playing hours we made on those poor pc’s.
Hundreds and hundreds of people played and enjoyed the game.
The booth was mostly completely crowded with people during the entire event.


Anyone who would have said we could make this even bigger, would have been declared nuts!
But we did just that.
DreamHack Winter 2013, went down together with Intel.
And those people know how to make things BIG!
Our tourney had over 70 qualifying rounds, to get to the 16 “Best of DreamHack”.
The prizes awaiting the winners, weren’t bad at all: An Intel 530 SSD carrying 480GB of disc space.
Once the 4 best players were known, we had a little surprise for them.
All of a sudden, we changed the tourney rules from Free For All into teams of 4v4.
And they didn’t get an easy deal there, Team Dignitas was waiting for them.
The Best Of DreamHack, were really doing well, and clearly beat Team Dignitas.
The second surprise was a change in prizes. Where the 4 finalists expected to get an SSD each,
the best 2 players got to choose between that SSD and an XMG gaming laptop!


And this winter we are doing it again! Together with Intel!


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