An introduction to Alien Arena Tactical:

In 1947, an Unidentified Flying Object crashed outside of a ranch near a place in New Mexico named Roswell,
on a planet called “Earth” by its inhabitants.

Their military, their government, and state troopers claimed it was a weather balloon…

In reality, it was an alien spaceship…carrying beings from deep space.

In a complete panic, their army shot at anything that moved in and around the vessel…there were no survivors.

December 2014, Earth time, they came back, but not just one ship, they came with thousands. Total annihilation took place.

City by city, country by country, continent by continent, Earth disintegrated to ashes.

But humanity fought back.
Throwing everything they had at the invaders.

While their cities were turned into ashes, they vaporized the mother-ships, leaving scattered
troops of alien warriors across their planet.

All this came at a very large cost: Humanity was on the verge of extinction.
And now, the final battle is dawning.

Both humans and aliens desperately called out to their remaining fighters.

The aliens will do whatever it takes to destroy humanity and avenge the death
of their ambassador.

The battle-hardened humans will fight to survive and save this devastated place they used to call home.

This call is aimed at you; Human or Alien. Join your kind and fight the last battle to reign supreme over this planet called Earth.

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