Alien Arena Tactical Manual

Manual for Alien Arena Tactical:

Player classes:


Each map is layed out with one side being used by the humans, and the other by the aliens.
Each base consists of three major components, the main power
source, the central computer, and the ammo depot.
All three items must be destroyed to defeat the enemy.
There are secondary devices as well that serve as
defense mechanisms, like a backup generator that kicks on if the main power source is destroyed.
Destroying each of these components has an effect on the defense systems, and also on each other.
When a team’s computer is destroyed, their deathrays will behave erratically, even firing on occasion at their own players.
The laser barriers will shut off completely.
When a powersource is destroyed, if a backup generator hasn’t been destroyed, it will kick on, but deathrays will be weak, and laser barriers will shut off.
Ammo will generate at one quarter of the normal speed.
If there is no backup generator, deathrays will shut off, and ammo generates at one eighth of the speed.
When an ammo generator is destroyed, ammo ceases to be produced.
When all three main components(ammo generator, powersource, computer) of the opposing team are destroyed, a team will win.
Each player can only pick up a single weapon at a time.
When a player dies, the weapon remains where he dies, and can only be picked up by someone on
their team.
Aliens cannot use human weapons, humans cannot use alien weapons.
Deathrays and lasers are positioned to defend a team’s base.
These will fire upon the enemy, and lasers will only kill members from the opposing teams.
You can walk through your own team’s lasers without incident.
Both can be destroyed by firing upon them. In the case of lasers, you must fire upon the
“source” laser, not the receiving end.


In order to facilitate rapid destruction of enemy base components, certain player classes can plant bombs, which can be detonated by other player classes,
and diffused by others.
Martian Warriors and Human Enforcers can plant bombs, while Martian Enforcers and Lauren Units can detonate them.
Human Commanders and Martian Overlords can diffuse them. Bombs can also be fired upon and destroyed before detonation, greatly weakening their power.

Powersources are generally located in a less protected more vulnerable area, usually in the outlying reaches of a base.
All players will spawn in a spawn zone that is located near the ammo generator and weapons.
A powersource has 1500 hit points, as do all other base components.

Typically the power source is the first component you want to attack.
This will greatly reduce a team’s ability to fend off attackers as the defenses will be
weakened or completely shut off.
The backup generators are usually located in a more protected area.
Conversely, the power source will be an area that you
want to have frontline forces defending.
The computer is located in a bit more protected and well defended zone.
It is more difficult to get to these by design. They are usually in an area that is heavily
defensed by lasers and deathrays.
Ammo Depots are usually located in the rear of the base where players spawn.
Destroying these greatly cripples a team’s ability to defend itself, as well as
attack the other team and it’s base.
Health, armor, are generally scattered about as usual, and can be picked up by anyone.
These do not respawn, once they are used, that is it, they are gone.
Teamwork is essential to winning a match. Each class is designed to work with another, so a team should try to balance itself out as much as it can.

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